Beaverdale Merlot

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Beaverdale Merlot

Postby robwalker » Wed Apr 16, 2014 00:17

Brewed around a year ago, my only commercial kit.

Wine had cleared within 2 months and was bottled then put away. We opened the first one about 6 months in.

Good deep red-purple colour but a little transparent. Nice and clingy to the glass.

Lovely soft fruit flavours and a complex palate that balances acid and tannin nicely - nothing overbearing as I find Shiraz etc a little too spicy sometimes. Finishes the slightest bit watery and shows no major sign of improving with age in this respect, so not a full bodied mouthfeel monster but certainly not disappointing either. Those after the a full flavour experience would probably be better with a stronger flavoured wine because this errs more on a quaffable one, food pairing wise probably better suited to lower flavoured but robust foods IE beef and pork with no major seasoning/gravy ale sauces/meaty mellow cheese/coloured but not oily fish/earthy tomato/chargrilled veg.

Overall what you'd expect from a decent table Merlot - much better than anything I could make from scratch. I'd happily buy it in a restaurant.
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Re: Beaverdale Merlot

Postby sandimas » Sun Apr 27, 2014 14:37

I've done this one several times, and the other Beaverdale reds. They do benefit from being left for 3-6 months, after which they are very nice table wines. You don't get that big, robust flavour like you get with some commercial reds, but for a homebrew wine they are not bad at all.

In comparison, I find the Beavedale whites just awesome: maybe it's my palate, but I find the whites as good as any white I've ever had from the supermarket, whereas the reds just fall into the "good" category.
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Re: Beaverdale Merlot

Postby pixel » Mon Jun 23, 2014 22:27

I did this a few months ago, came out very nice. Darker than I expected, less drinkable in first weeks than e.g. beaverdale rioja, but after a month really started to develop into a darn good plonk, better than a beaverdale vieux chateua I did at the same time (though the vieux chateau was more drinkable initially). Will deffo be doing the merlot again, just working my way through the brochure first ;-)
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