Cantina Red

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Cantina Red

Postby bobsbeer » Tue Apr 15, 2014 22:52

Started this 24 bottle kit on 4 December 2011

OG: 1.080
FG: .992

Bottled: 25/3/2012
28 Bottles
The kit contains:
Concentrated grape juice in a plastic bag container with an easy open screw cap. It also has a packet of yeast and nutrient combined. A packet of stabiliser and a two part fining sachet.
The kit states that it makes 21 lts of wine. I made this up to the required volume and tested the SG which was 1.080. I pitched the yeast and was comforted that within a couple of hours it started to ferment. I now wait and see and will update in a few weeks when it has fermented........

Having bottled at the end of March this wine tastes really nice. It is fruity with a decent mouthfeel. A good kit and one to make again.
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Re: Cantina Red

Postby graysalchemy » Wed Apr 16, 2014 09:08

I di one of those once just a 6 bottle kit. Wish I hadn't used it for cooking in the end. :evil:

I have doen the 'chardonnay' as well which is OK but not a chardonnay IMHO :thumb:

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