Vintners Reserve Angel Blanco

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Re: Vintners Reserve Angel Blanco

Postby BIGJIM72 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 00:31

Bought one of these for the wife to drink. I have tried her on a few Beaverdales/ Cal Cons,but she hasn't been too keen (wasn't that impressed myself either TBH). I like the Selection kits,but they are way pricey for regular glugging, so I thought I would have a look at the more reasonably priced Vintners Reserve.

Marketing blurb

An easy drinking, well-rounded white wine, with appealing fruit flavours and aromas. Rich and boldly fruity from a multi-vinifera blend that delivers up a floral aromatic nose and a fine mix of peachy, honey, pineapple fruit finishing with a perfect balance of acidity and fruitiness.
Sweetness: OFF-DRY | Body: MEDIUM | Oak Intensity: NONE

First impressions on opening the box:

10lt Juice concentrate (as I recall)-not as much as a Selection kit,but still a fair size-happy enough
Was slightly concerned with the pack of elderflowers & flavour pack,but its there for a reason

Followed the kit instructions,but racked 3 times in all before bottling

First taste (before bottling)

Not unpleasant white,but odd aftertaste

First taste (3 months in the bottle)

Aftertaste gone,actually the blurb above nails it. A nice,easy drinking wine that stands up well. Would buy again for sure & for the price (£50ish) not too dear as far as a quality kit goes.

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