Kenridge Showcase Australia Chardonnay

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Re: Kenridge Showcase Australia Chardonnay

Postby ross » Sat Jan 17, 2015 23:17

So this was the first 30 bottle wine kit I've tried and am so far very impressed with the results.

As with all the Kenridge Showcase range its 16L of juice. The instructions are easy to follow and include areas to note the date + SG at different stages (even if they do use a stupid format - MM/DD/YY).

This one comes with 2 different packs of oak. The finished wine is quite heavily oaked so if that's not your cup of tea you might want to only add part of each.

I followed the instructions pretty closely, starting on the 22/10/14 and bottling on the 7/12/14. The finished product was clear enough that I probably wouldn't have bothered filtering even if I had the kit to filter it with. Majority of it went into bottles, however I did put 5L into a BIB which I've gradually been working my way through since just before Christmas.

First few "tastes" were suprisingly clean - no off flavors, rather oaky - as expected with the amount the kit comes with, but also a little bit lacking in flavour. Over the last month however its developed a lot, its now quite a full bodied wine that would probably hold up well against most (decent) <£10 bottles of chardonnay you would find in supermarket.

If this continues to improve over the next year or so (and I expect it will) it makes me wonder what the ultra premium kits (e.g. Cellar Craft Showcase, Winexpert Eclipse) would produce with adequate ageing.
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