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Wineworks Superior Red Riocca

Made a great kit, tell us about it, made something not so great from a kit, warn the rest of us.

Wineworks Superior Red Riocca

Postby pixel » Mon Apr 07, 2014 21:31

Wineworks Superior Red Riocca Wine Kit

So this was my first ever attempt at homebrew back in January. The Wineworks Superior Red Riocca Wine Kit, 30 bottle kit.

I followed the instructions which were pretty straightforward. I mucked up a bit at the beginning, managing to stir what seemed like most of the yeast on to the sides of the container rather than into the juice, but came out OK at the end.

I started this kit in the 2nd week of Jan, and bottled it tonight, so it has certainly taken longer than the '7-10' days claim on the website, but I have to admit the room has been nearer 18 degrees than 20 most of the time, and also I have not been in any rush to bottle.

The wine itself is fruity, has cleared nicely (after a panic in which I added both finings packets at the same time, rather than leaving 24 hrs in between) and I feel pretty happy with it. Having tried a friend's Beaverdale kit Rioja previously I would have to say the Beaverdale is probably a little bit better but honestly not much in it. And it is difficult to say as the wine is still young.

I am a picky wine drinker. I stopped drinking supermarket wine under £8 a year ago (after quitting smoking) and am a fussy git I hate the way colourings etc are added to wine now.

I am looking for a light fruity red wine, pale in colour, smooth to drink, quaffable, some elegant finish. This kit meets all requirements but the last. It is also (at this stage) a little sweeter than I would prefer (I prefer dry reds), although fermentation had finished it was only just under 1 on the hydrometer. There is a v slight 'nail varnish remover' smell which I understand (from extensive lurking here!!) can occur with young wine, hopefully it will mature out (in fact is noticeably less already than when I checked hydrometer reading a week ago).

I cannot say there is any finish to the wine (i.e. the taste left in the mouth after swallowing), but it is very easy to drink. I only bottled it tonight and am on the last glass of the first bottle racked....so my apologies if this review rambles somewhat.

I will report back over the next month or two with any thoughts on the wine's progress. Next kit, just started this week, a Beaverdale rioja (as I want to compare my own effort). After that thinking either Pinot Noir or a Beaverdale Vieux Chateau Du Roi.

summary: easy to make, easy to drink, fruity, light (at bottling). Wouldn;t feel cheated if it cost a fiver, and on the plus side I know it has no crap in it (ink, flavourings etc)...well apart from wot I put in as part of the kit .

Written 2 weeks later:

It's half past midnight so I thought I'd try a bottle and post the tasting notes below:

Dry but a little sweet
nail varnish remover (much less noticeable than before)
no finish but quite light

Colour red with brown tinge. Definitely showing a hint of true rioja colour now.

Has cleared nicely, comparable to a supermarket red in clarity though when swirled round a glass it still has bubbles at the top of the 'legs', if you know what I mean?

overall a pleasant, inoffensive, slightly sweet dry red and very smooth (not acidic at all) red wine tipple. Less fruity than 2 weeks ago.

Frankly I am happy to quaff this in place of wine costing over £7 a bottle. genuinely.

Really looking forward to trying the Beaverdale Rioja on the go and have just started a Wineworls superior vieux chateau de roi (which is a sill word play or chateuaneuf du pape, would have preferred something like 'burgundy.

Written 2 weeks later:

ok, so after a month the wine has continued to improve.

No nail varnish smell at all.

A very pleasant light red wine, fruity (less so than before), reasonably dry, very drinkable.

It's got to the stage where I really refuse to buy supermarket wine now. This stuff is better than any £6 bottle imo.

Really looking forward to comparing with some Beaverdale rioja and a Wineworks Superior vieux Chateua de Roi I am near to bottling!!

I have certainly got the homebrew bug.
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