Wineworks superior vieux chateau du roi

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Wineworks superior vieux chateau du roi

Postby pixel » Mon Apr 07, 2014 21:29

So, have racked this kit in mid March. About the same time as I racked my Beaverdale Rioja kit (review on that thread)

Initial thoughts, and I know these are jumbled, just initial impressions on a newly racked wine:

slight smell of acetone/nail varnish remover like the wineworks Rioja also had (that I did before), but less (much less) pronounced than the rioja
Smooth to drink, with a little bite to the tongue (in a good way, i.e. slight acidity/alkili? but not acidic in the gut).
Lighter than the Beaverdale Rioja
Less fruity, though darker, than the Wineworks Rioja, in some ways less flavour but probably more depth. Difficult to describe. More dry than the Wineworks Rioja.

In Summary

Winworks rioja vs Wineworks chateau is 6 and half a dozen. The Chateau is drier (which I like) though the Rioja is fruitier. The Chateau has less acetone (though in the Rioja this disappeared completely after a few weeks, and I am sure the chateau will be likewise).

On balance I think I prefer the Wineworks Chateua to the Wineworks Rioja at this stage, and I think I will continue to prefer it over the next few months.

However, compared to the Beaverdale Rioja, hmmm.....more difficult. I think the Beaverdale has more complexity, more flavour, thicker, probably more alcoholic, but a little sweeter. On balance I'd take the Beaverdale as it has no trace at all of acetone smell, but in a few weeks I'd have to reconsider... though I'd probably go for the Beaverdale. The extra few quid seems to give a much more flavoursome, deeper wine than the Wineworks, and without the odd acetone flavour...

Final note, I do not top up my wines. I.e I do a 23 litre kit to 23 litres, but after fermanetation and 2 rackings it reduces to 19-20 litres, which means I end up with 25 not 30 bottles. Works for me.
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