Selection Vieux Chateau du roi

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Re: Selection Vieux Chateau du roi

Postby pixel » Mon Jun 23, 2014 22:18

Thanks Dennis :-)


This came in a big heavy box, lots of juice in this kit! Chucked it all in as per instructions (quite a lot of wood to add in this one, which was an interesting difference to Beaverdale kits that I mainly have done, probably 3 times as much wood, some cubes). The yeast was a generic red wine yeast white sachet, which was disappointing.

Fermenting was intense, bubbled like a very bubbly thing for about 5 days! Was worried it might overflow but never happened, seems these kits are pretty well thought out.

I did rack it after 2 weeks, and then after another 2 or 3 weeks stabilised it and degassed and finings.

Immediate impressions on first racking (and excuse me if I sound like a wannabe wine reviewer ;-) ): very smooth, more depth though not yet developed. Overall very favourable and I could tell this would be a good one. However, there was a slight acetone smell that I had with some cheaper wineworks premioum kits, though with experience this will go with a month or two aging.

2 weeks later (running out of other homebrew :-o !! ) the acetone smell is practically gone (much quikcer than the cheaper kits) and it continues to develop. Still very smooth, bouquet much less 'kit like' than other kits, and really is very pleasant, easily 6 or 7 quid supermarket wine.

As this is still early days I am genuinely intrigued to see just how good this can get. My 40th in 2 weeks though so the stash might take a hammering!!

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Re: Selection Vieux Chateau du roi

Postby krazypara3165 » Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:56

How is it 6 months down the line?

Ive had this in a cupboard for a few months now and really ought to get it going!

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