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boiling off preservatives

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 16:21
by oldbloke
I've been following a couple of facebook groups devoted to turbocider.
There's a lot of people using ingredients that have sorbates or sulphites or both, as an adjunct or even the main juice.
Some say they have to be boiled off, some say you just need more yeast.
It's... "interesting"
Now, I've checked wiki and found the temperatures required for decomposition of sod met and pot sorb are way higher than a simple boil would achieve - though perhaps it would have some minor effect.
Personally I stick to stuff without sorbates and sulphites, but I'd love to hear from anybody who actually knows either chemistry or is an expert on how yeast gets on in hostile environments

Re: boiling off preservatives

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:10
by robwalker
Always nice to try and get the facts as home brewing is rife with hearsay - and here’s some more from Reddit. Someone mentions that an acidic environment will speed up the reaction considerably, and concentrated cordial would have a fairly low pH, so that’s sensible.

Looks like adding hydrogen peroxide is the reliable removal method.

Ultimately anything detrimental to yeast health is to be avoided, and pitching extra will still come with the issues that a high percentage of dead yeast cells will create - strained ferment causing off flavours, yeast bite, etc. ... s_view_all