Small fruit presses... any good?

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Small fruit presses... any good?

Postby MrBoy » Tue Nov 28, 2017 14:45

There are a lot of fruit presses on Amazon in the £40-100 range, most look like this:


With a few solid metal ones:

They seem to range 5-12L which I assume is the capacity of the drum to hold fruit - so for apples I can expect to halve(?) this in terms of litres of juice I can extract per batch?

If I want to produce a standard 23L of cider in my FV I guess I therefore need about 50kg of fruit. I have to mash it up first (I assume) and then press it.
This year we did it using a home whole-fruit juicer and it was pretty slow going although very simple... apples in, juice out, clean the machine, repeat (a lot). Several hours to get 10L juice let alone 23L.

For this level of production and my desire not to spend huge amounts of time, what sort of kit seems reasonable?
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Re: Small fruit presses... any good?

Postby jkp » Tue Nov 28, 2017 17:15

As I've mentioned before, I use a DIY rack and cloth press. Pulping 28kg of apples fills about 1 and a half 25L plastic buckets. That will build a single 4 cake cheese, so my press has a capacity of ~37.5L. After 30min of pressure I get 20L of juice (actually ~75% of the juice comes out before applying any pressure to the cheese) per pressing. With a couple of extra hands I can press 100L in an afternoon.

So it's about 50% of the apple pulp volume converted to juice volume. Although, in terms of weight of apples to volume of juice, it's more like 70%.

Hope that helps.

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