Denaturing pectolase

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Denaturing pectolase

Postby kunino » Wed Nov 01, 2017 05:40

I will be making some sloe wine soon, and was hoping to re-use the sloes by making them into a sloe and apple jelly. However I have a concern about the pectolase I will be adding to the wine mix interfering with the set of the jelly.
It doesn't matter that the pectolase will digest all of the pectin in the sloes, as the apples alone will have enough pectin to set the jelly. Rather, I am concerned that residual pectolase might digest the pectin in the apples, too.
So does anyone know if either the alcohol content of the fermenting must or the later boiling of the fruit to make the jelly will be sufficient to denature the pectolase, thus preventing it from digesting the pectin in the apples?
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Re: Denaturing pectolase

Postby Aleman » Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:53

As you will be boiling the sloe/apple/'sugar' mix the heat alone will denature the pectolase. That and the fact that most of the pectolase will remain in solution anyway should help with an adequate 'set' of the jam/jelly

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