What a silly boy!

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What a silly boy!

Postby HLA91 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 19:09

Hi all,

Today, after a hiatus of probably over a year now I finally got round (or was persuaded to by SWMBO aka "The Wife") to start racking some wine which had been left in the bedroom for some time.
I got everything ready, went up the attic and grabbed 2 DJ's, cleaned, sterilised, racked, washed dirty DJ's, thought "Bugger me nothing has gone wrong, no spillage, breakage, swearing, it's a miracle". Then I decided to make up a new solution of Sod Met, grabbed the tub, measured out 2 tsp, added 200ml water, shook, stirred, added 2 syringe loads to DJ 1, added first syringe to DJ 2 and suddenly thought "hmm, why isn't this catching my nose, why is the solution foaming" I then looked over in horror at the tub of Sod Met and realised it was further down the counter than I thought and the nearest tub was actually.........Bruclean steriliser! :vomit:
SWMBO just laughed, don't think she grasps the severity of the situation. Me, I'm currently drinking a 3 year old WOW, damn it's good, but still gutted.

Will definitely check the tubs next time.

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