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A little bonus

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 13:52
by tonyhibbett
I rarely visit my lhbs, which is remiss of me, as the chemist keeps a good range of stuff, but the homebrew section is shrinking and needs support. I only went there to pick up some beer making ingredients, having my interest revived by picking up a real ale kit at the boot fair and making a curious 'chocolate porter', making the house smell like a brewery once more. There was another old timer there and we had a good chat.
As I scoured the shelves, I found a Young's Definitive white grape juice compound reduced to £4, due to imminent sell by date. It can get a bit tedious mincing sultanas and straining the pulp, especially with 5 gallon brews, and the concentrate is made from Spanish wine grapes, not dessert ones.