Apple rum

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Apple rum

Postby tonyhibbett » Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:35

I've noticed a number of flavoured ciders and rum coming onto the market then realised I had some of my own. 5 years ago I was given some dreadful hooch, made purely from sugar, yeast and water. I added some apple juice but it still tasted grim, so I bottled it and forgot about it. I just found the 3 bottles, which had some white sediment, which I removed. The abv is about 15%, so technically it is a fortified medium wine. With a pH of 3.2, the acidity is quite high, but because the only acid present is malic and the tannin content is low, it doesn't taste much like wine so I guess it's an alcopop, probably best served chilled. The unpleasant hooch flavour still lingers though, but significantly improved.
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