vintners reserve

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vintners reserve

Postby Brycey » Sat Apr 19, 2014 19:29

Just put on a vintners reserve 30 bottle pinot noir.
The kit had 10l of grape juice and all the usual additions.
I will post a review when this is ready.

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Re: vintners reserve

Postby ricardo » Thu Apr 24, 2014 15:04

I did a Vintners Reserve Merlot about 6 months ago.
Put it into 10 litre bag in a box.
Drunk the first 10 litre box & it was a bl**dy cracking wine.
Well full bodied lovely stuff.
Have to say it was well worth the extra cost.
Have given SWMBO strict instructions to keep out of the other 10 litre
box or else !!
Might try & keep it until Christmas........
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Re: vintners reserve

Postby graysalchemy » Thu Apr 24, 2014 15:59

I have done 2 cab sauv kits. I admittedly neglected them and never took a final gravity. As a result they are very slightly sweet, noticeable when first bottled but maturing nicely. Very complex flavours but i wished it had a little more tannin and tartness to it. Anyway got another one going so hopefully I will get it to drop right down.

Still definitely worthwhile. :thumb:

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