Hooch / Skeeter Pee / Lemon Drink Thing.

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Hooch / Skeeter Pee / Lemon Drink Thing.

Postby Gambler » Mon Feb 16, 2015 17:25

Starting a 25l run of a Skeeter pee inspired still hooch / lemonade type thing.

Skeeter pee is normally a wine strength product, I'm aiming for more of a 5-6% "by the pint" drink.

Ingredients as follows.

2.5kg sugar for fermentation.
3.5l lemon juice
7.5 tsp yeast nutrient
K-Metabisulfite / K-Sorbate
1.3kg(ish) sugar to backsweeten.

The plan is to disolve the sugar in water on the stove, maybe chuck some lemon juice in and try to invert the sugar while I'm at it.
chuck into bucket with 500ml of lemon juice.
add 4tsp yeast nutient.
top up with water to 22l
2 packets of cider yeast sprinkled on top (its just what I have lieing around)
Add a couple of bottles of lemon juice every couple of days until its all in.
chuck in the rest of the nutrient when it looks like its struggling.
wait until finished.
Rack + add K-Metabisulfite / K-Sorbate.
wait a couple of days then add sweetening sugar and bottle.


quite looking forward to it.

Problems include the fact that all the lemon juice is dosed up with k meta and the low ph of the must. The skeeter pee recipe calls for adding an established yeast colony to brute force through it. I'm planning on letting it grow in basicly sugar water and slowly introducing the lemon.

Might not work / be rank, but Its going to come in at well under a tenner, so I'm not THAT bothered if it doesn't work out.

Wish me luck.

PS - I know the stabilising + adding sugar method isn't popular around here, but its worked fine for me in the past, I wont blame anyone if I end up with bottle bombs.
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