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Postby stuworx » Fri Sep 12, 2014 18:58


I've started some marrow rum. Sorry for new thread but I wanted to get fresh eyes!

I plan to take what I've extracted from the sugar and marrow this weekend. Say 1 litres worth.

I then plan to make it up to 4 litres and ferment.

Thing is I want to know the expected OG if I do top it up to 4 litres beforehand. I don't want to make 4l of very weak rum.

I usually brew beer so this is a little new to me.

So my main question is. What's the calculation to work out the expected OG if adding water?

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Re: Diluting?

Postby robwalker » Fri Sep 12, 2014 19:05

I assume if you're washing all of the sugar out of the marrow, you'll just need the sugar volume. See here for a grams per litre table;


marrow won't add much (if any) sugar. i would say trust your taste buds on this one.
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Re: Diluting?

Postby wigwamheed » Fri Sep 12, 2014 20:02

I diluted mine with red grape juice malt extract and a smidge of crystal...I thought seeing as its an experiment might as well go mad. It came in at 1.092 BTW and I haven't tried any yet its still fermenting
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