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Elderberries and Damsons

PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 20:45
by divingdavey
This morning I took the elderberries and damson I had in the freezer out to thaw. I weighed then this evening and had:
3.6kg Damsons
2.6kg Elderberries

So I mashed them up in a FV and added 1.7l of boiling water, 2 very ripe bananas 3tsps Pectolase and 3 crushed CT's.

My plan is to add nutrient and yeast in a couple of days and ferment on the pulp for a few days then strain onto sugar.

Any advice would be must welcome on whether to do 15 or 10 litres and what total sugar to aim for.

Also if I strain onto sugar, will it not simply clump up and not dissolve?


Re: Elderberries and Damsons

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 14:07
by divingdavey
So I've given this some thought.... Two ideas appeal, either making a variation on GA's Eldeberry port (10l of) or 15l of a variation of KP's Royal Elderberry Wine.

Either way I would use sugar at 300g/l which assuming 50% of the fruit sugars ferment should give me about 15% abv. Both are going to want a good few years before drinking anyway.

I'll add some Dates and Raisins anyway and decide at the weekend........