Youngs sauvignon blanc

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Youngs sauvignon blanc

Postby linf » Sun Apr 27, 2014 00:07

After being fairly pleased with my other youngs kit (a chardonnay)i decided to try one of these .
These kits are really easy to make and i can't believe i used to get in such a flap when doing one.Initially it seems like a lot of sachets involved but once i'd had a quick look at the instructions it is very straightforward.The grape concentrate and the yeast,plus nutrient is all that you use at first.The rest go in to stabilise and flavour once fermentation is done.
Now i've just got to wait and top it up after a few days then wait a couple of weeks before stabilising,fining etc.
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Re: Youngs sauvignon blanc

Postby Brewtrog » Sun Apr 27, 2014 00:25

Youngs brewbuddy?
Kits are great, we always have a red and a white done for Christmas/New Year and Easter (bit late for that one this year). I always used to have 30 bottles of wine in after the second week of the term at Uni (I was strangely popular at times of parties)
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