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Buffalo Induction Hob Fault

PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 15:01
by DirtyCaner
Hi Folks,

As part of my ongoing big brewery project I recently bought a couple of second hand Buffalo 3kw induction hob CE208 s.

I was really busy at the time as we were organising our impending wedding and never got round to testing them. :doh:

When I did one worked fine, the other did not. The power is getting to it when you switch it on but it just beeps loudly and the display lights up before going dark again. No heating action.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue or can offer any advice as how to fix this?

I have taken it to bits to check for any blown fuses or capacitors, arcing or corrosion etc but couldn't see anything obvious.



Re: Buffalo Induction Hob Fault

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 20:59
by f00b4r
Can't help you with diagnosing the issue but there is a guy on eBay who reconditions/gives them and other Buffalo equipment and sells them, probably worth a mail to him to get an idea of the issue and what he would charge to fix.