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Good afternoon!

We are NPM Group, we produce beer fillers and we bring the beer business on a new level!

We have developed devices that are currently changing the market in the USA, Canada, China, Russia, South Korea, etc.
One of the most impressive is CrafTap 3.

This beer filler allows you to pour beer without foam into the grower and glass bottle.

The time of filling is 40 seconds.

The technology is based on the counter pressure that allows to purge out oxygen with CO2.
Since there is no contact with oxygen, beer lasts much longer and customers will definitely appreciate it.

Benefits of this innovative technology:

Reduces beer losses - no foam and no overflow
- Fills faster
- New level of hygiene
- Modern design of CrafTap letы your bar or store to stand out from the competitors

Growler filling is a small show that customers will want to see again and again.
Because CrafTap 3 is amazing!

We would like to cooperate with the most successful and professional teams of The United Kindom and Ireland.

We are ready to answer all your questions in this group, and inviting you to sign up for a webinar.

Innovation beer equipment
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