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Hybrid HERMS/RIMS Home Brewery

PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 16:46
by PeeBee
This isn't the first place I've posted this, but because I'm a bit of a cocky sod, I'm reposting it here too. So you might of seen it, but if not, and you are embarking on a brewery build project, you might find some of the stuff here valuable. First a piccie:

HERMS-RIMS Hybrid Brewery.jpg
HERMS-RIMS Hybrid Brewery.jpg (203.4 KiB) Viewed 2064 times

The attached document ("operations manual") does not include build instructions, but the "appendix" at the back of the "operations manual" does contain information an enthusiastic builder might need. It has some useful features like its a HERMS/RIMS hybrid ('cos I'm hopelessly indecisive), dual use heat exchanger (HERMS and wort cooling) and fool-proof electrical control (however, I don't recommend anyone who thinks they are a "fool" attempts to build it!). The main body of the "operations manual" is a bit of a dry read, but contains methods that might be considered useful.

Sorry it's an external link, but this is the site I had promised to post it on. I expect to add more information to it over time.

Re: Hybrid HERMS/RIMS Home Brewery

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 05:02
by Yolong.Ray
Hi there,

It's very beautiful. What knid of cooling way for wort, as I didnot find it.


Re: Hybrid HERMS/RIMS Home Brewery

PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 08:39
by PeeBee
Yolong.Ray wrote:Hi there,

It's very beautiful. What knid of cooling way for wort, as I didnot find it.


Thanks for the interest.

You possibly missed the bit "dual use heat exchanger". The output from the boiler has to go through the heat exchanger (core). While it is doing this I start filling the HLT (empty before this point) and the cold mains water must also pass through the heat exchanger (counter-flow jacket). So the wort is cooled. As the HLT only holds 70L the first fill of cooling water is pumped (sparge pump) into the emptied mashtun as equipment rinsing water (its at 45-50degreesC). Subsequently the cooling water in the HLT is pumped directly to the drain (roughly balancing the sparge pump output with the mains water input). The mains water input is choked with a handy little restrictor (6L per minute).

I start by recirculating the cooled wort with the boiler to get its temperature down to 75-80degrees (ideal for steep hops - never got around to building that "hop-back") and then the cooled wort (at about 20degrees) is redirected to the fermenter.


PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 09:37
by PeeBee
A small warning for anyone who's downloaded the "operation manual" and wants to build the control boxes.

I've discovered a minor error in the circuit drawings: One of the switches in "RELAY 12" has been drawn the wrong way around. It would prevent the boiler being switched on. I noticed it when trying to wire in an alarm to warn that the boiler has been put on timer (an unlikely scenario).

I'll update the drawings as soon as possible. (FIXED! - "operations manual" corrected and updated with "enhanced" procedures to manually control the RIMS heater when using it to enhance the HERMS system).