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my next brew 60min ipa just a few hops

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 17:22
by tazuk
just seen this on jims next brew 60 min ipa from greg hughes book but change a bit i am going to use wyeast 1056 done on a stir plate :party:
Batch size = 30 Litres (ish, still haven't got round to measuring fermenter contents)

Pale malt = 7.15kg
Torrefied wheat = 0.25kg

Amarillo = 9g 60mins
Chinook = 9g 60mins
Amarillo = 11g 30mins
Chinook = 11g 30mins
Cascade = 11g 30mins
Amarillo = 11g 25mins
Chinook = 11g 25mins
Cascade = 11g 25mins
Amarillo = 11g 20mins
Chinook = 11g 20mins
Cascade = 11g 20mins
Amarillo = 11g 15mins
Chinook = 11g 15mins
Cascade = 11g 15mins
Irish Moss = 5g 15mins
Amarillo = 11g 10mins
Chinook = 11g 10mins
Cascade = 11g 10mins
Amarillo = 11g 5mins
Chinook = 11g 5mins
Cascade = 11g 5mins

Amarillo = 25g 80 degree steep for 30mins
Chinook = 25g 80 degree steep for 30mins
Cascade = 34g 80 degree steep for 30mins

Yeast is MJ West Coast

This was Greg Hughes' recipe with the addition of torrefied wheat and the hop bomb steep at the end.

Target SG was 1.057, hit 1.055. Went back to batch sparging on this one, attempted fly sparging the last brew however
I was a little under volume on batch size. Mashed at 65, after an hour was 64.7. Increased evaporation rate from 15% to 25%,
which I think included some allowance for the crazy amount of hops in this brew.