Pimp my grain bill

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Pimp my grain bill

Postby DaveS » Thu Nov 02, 2017 20:00


I'm trying to make a point of learning how different ingredients taste by brewing relatively straightforward beers with one new addition each time.

For my next brew, I'm thinking of doing a light-ish pale ale with Extra Pale Maris Otter as a base, maybe about 5% wheat (for the obligatory "mouthfeel and head retention"), and a solid-but-not-ridiculous hit of late Mosaic. I'm wondering whether there's an amberish non-crystal malt that would go nicely into this? Munich I or II? Belgian Biscuit? British Amber? Any suggestions? Or any other interesting ideas for additions?

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Re: Pimp my grain bill

Postby f00b4r » Thu Nov 02, 2017 22:10

You might find these taster packs that the Malt Miller sells useful, unfortunately they seem to be out of stock of the UK one but it's a cracking idea to be able to taste the various malts.
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